Artist Statement

Whatever we do, we are leaving footprints for the next generations. Our society of consumers and related environmental issues are daily question marks. We are recycling, repurposing different materials, but after at the end of the day most of household waste and production scraps end in the landfill. As an artist I am becoming more and more environmentally conscious. Very often I am purposefully reaching for unwanted materials that are otherwise going to be thrown away. It’s fascinating to work with the readymade material – very often without any additional adjustments. Felt, leather, paper, nails, metal rods, cotton ropes, clear tubing…cutting, piercing, stapling, weaving, layering…positive and negative, light and shadow…this is my vocabulary and I’m not afraid to investigate more.

“It is said that nothing is new; everything has already been done. However, the traditional methods of creation can be moved into new dimensions by searching and experimentation.

Experiment and chance fascinate me! Chance is almost always connected with some surprise element and many times it becomes the animating spirit of solving artistic problems. Nothing happens twice therefore I search in spite of the fact that everything has already happened.”

Jozef Bajus